Vol 25, No 3 (2009)

Table of Contents


Real Deposit Insurance Coverage: An International Study PDF
Marieta Velikova, Kevin Rogers
Creating Value Through Enterprise Risk Management PDF
Frantz Maurer
Corporate Managers’ Experiences Related To Implementing Section 404 Of The Sarbanes-Oxley Act: A Focus On Information Systems Issues PDF
Lois D. Bryan
Linking Information Sharing And Supplier Network Responsiveness With Delivery Dependability Of A Firm PDF
Ashish A. Thatte, Vikas Agrawal, Shahnawaz Muhammed
An Experiment Of The Effect Of Teaching Different Computational Methods Of Operating Cash Flows On Student Understanding PDF
Linda M. Nichols, Jose Eduardo Miranda-Lopez
The Market Reaction Associated With SFAS No.8 And SFAS No.52: Did Investors Recognize Differential Economic Content Of Translation Gains And Losses? PDF
Grace Gao, David L. Senteney
Degree Of Internationalization – A Multidimensional Challenge PDF
Lutz Sommer
Dubai’s Potential As An Integrated Logistics Hub PDF
Cedwyn Fernandes, Gwendolyn Rodrigues
Age Management: A New Paradigm In HRM Within Slovenian Enterprises PDF
Jana Žnidaršič, Vlado Dimovski
Risk Manage Capital Investment Decisions: A Lease vs. Purchase Illustration PDF
Thomas L. Zeller, Brian B. Stanko