Greeley Health Club, Inc. Accounting Systems Analysis and Design Continuous and Final Project

John R. Stewart


The following case was developed and used in an undergraduate Accounting Information Systems course at the University of Northern Colorado.  It is a continuous case because it is introduced as the topics and software are scheduled in class during the semester.  It is a final project because several components are not required to be handed in until the final week of the course.

Teaching notes and portions of the course outline are provided.  The project uses transaction processing, word processing, flowcharting, spreadsheet, database, and web authoring software.  The software used by the author was AccPac Simply Accounting Pro Version 8.5, Microsoft Word, RFFlow Professional Flowcharting, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft FrontPage.

Permission to use the material for your individual classroom use and to modify it to conform to your choice of software is hereby granted assuming proper references are provided.  You will find that some detailed changes are required to adapt the project to other software.

 The project text in Word format and suggested solutions using the software indicated in the paper can be downloaded by accessing the following web addresses:  and 

Full Text: PDF